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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Advancing psa & bone metd

PSA WAS approx 76 in July now 179. On trial at vanderbilt begining August/ bone mets stable from sept to October. But met in rectum area increasing. No pain had radium 223 from oct 2016 to March 2017. Stopped Zitiga in July to be eligible for trial. Trial KPT 8602. Anyone else on this trial? If so how is your response. Very tired but thankful for no pain.

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>Anyone else on this trial?

I'm not, but I noted these currently active Trial Locations and Investigators:



Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Status: Active

Contact: Craig C. Hofmeister Email: Craig.hofmeister@osumc.edu



Vanderbilt University / Ingram Cancer Center

Status: Active

Contact: Robert Frank Cornell Email: robert.f.cornell@vanderbilt.edu

The medical professionals may have to comply with Trial "blinding" protocols, and also HIPAA Privacy rules. However, ....

You might find informal voluntary "social" inroads via contacts with or attendance at some of the local Prostate Cancer Support Groups in the Columbus, OH or Nashville, TN areas. See:



Or maybe float some emails to the Group Coordinators, requesting that you pass along your query to their Group membership, etc.

Or, if you are in the area, perhaps volunteer to be a speaker at one of their meetings, describing your own experiences, so far, on this particular Clinical Trial.

Sometimes unexpected "good things" happen when such connections are made, and experiences are shared.

Just some thoughts,


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Thanks - my results do not seem to be good but nothing else available for me. Too weak for chemo & rheumatoid arthritis prevents immunology treatment. Wondering about going off trial & requesting another go with Zitiga or XTANDI. Both stopped working. I am 82.


Hi. My name is Lynn, my husband also has rheumatoid arthritis so,I guess it will the same for him? No immunology treatment. Zitaga and Xtandi didn't work for my husband either? My husband Sam is 74. This cancer started when he was 65.

Take care, prayers coming your way.! 🙏🏻 keep us posted,

Sincerely, Lynn


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