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Advanced prostate cancer to lymph nodes in chest and neck area.

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Hi, Anyone diagnosed with metastasis to the lymph nodes traveling from pelvic area up to chest area? No mets to organs or bone. What treatments have worked for you? What kept PSA down? What else can my father do to reduce spread? ALl suggestions and stories and experiences welcomed.

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The standard treatment would be ADT, chemo, and a good supplement protocol


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My husband has had the same progression. Lymph nodes in abdominal area and neck although the L2 vertabrae is mentioned in his last Axumen scan. He just started Zytiga after his psa started rising again after orchiectomy/casodex failed. None of the treatments seem to last for long, but he feels good and keeps active. Not sure what to make of all of it...

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My father the same, he feels fine but the PSA and the PET scan showed only lymph involvement through this body. We figure if we can keep it contained and not metastasize beyond lymph that would be the best. He didn't want chemo although that was 1st lone recommendation.

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I was diagnosed with LN mets in my abdominal and chest areas, PSA 80. I executed traditional hormone therapy with lupron, casodex, and avodart, along with an early course of chemotherapy (taxotere/carboplatin). After my initial chemo treatment, I added Zytiga. This treatment successfully resolved the LN metastasis and lowered my PSA to 4, afterwhich I had a prostatectomy to remove the prostate/original tumor. After surgery, my PSA was 1, and I stayed on Lupron, Zytiga, Casodex, and Avodart. Had a recurrence about a year later, with my PSA rising to 3.5 and new LN metastasis in the psoas muscle area. I came off Casodex and Zytiga, and started Xtandi, which resolved the LN activity and brought my PSA to undetectable in about three months. After starting Xtandi, and seeing progress, I executed Provenge. I have had an undetectable PSA with no LN activity for three years, while remaining on Lupron, Xtandi, Avodart, Metformin, and a Statin, as well as a bone health supplement.

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That is great, I'm so glad to hear that it was controlled. So my farther had a prostatectomy, radiation therapy to follow Lupron and (casodex -stopped). His PSA rose very quickly over 3 months from undetectable to 3.6. We sent him to Mayo for he C11- Choline PET scan which they found metastasis through lymph system. He is asymptomatic except for the tiredness from Lupron. He will begin Xtandin when he returns from vacation.. he really didn't want to do chemo because of the side effects. We are praying that with Lupron, and Xtandi and nutritional supplements and diet we can keep it in control.. Did you diet? VEgan? Vegetarian? Any supplements?

Micro-metastasis. Those Prostate cancer cells escape the Prostate capsule and float around in the lymphatic and/or vascular system. The only available treatment is chemotherapy. Along with hormone injections of Lupron or Eligard is the only way to kill the cancer cells. Period! Your Medical Oncologist gave you the answer and treatment plan, now accept his recommendation before it is too late. End of story. This coming from a metastatic Prostate cancer survivor for over 13 years. I enjoy undetectable PSA and stopped hormone injections over seven years ago. I am very fortunate.

Realistically speaking, your husband can either do chemo or suffer when the cells multiply. A chance of life over death. His decision. I don't mean to be hard, but that is the way that it goes.

In most cases Lupron will eventually stop working in delaying the inevitable. A small percentage have gone 15 years plus. Most succumb within 5 years. Understand with or without Lupron, his cancer will become metastatic. Hope all you want, however, do something about the cancer now.

I have done will only because I initiated chemo as soon as my PSA exploded from 6 to 32 and two mets appears in my spine all within a year of primary treatment. Early aggressive treatment, no way I was gone wait and let the cancer spread while my body was strong and the tumor burden minimal. Oh I was offered Lupron as the standard care, but that was a quick temporary fix. Thirteen years ago that translated to 2-5 years of life. Today I am 70 and enjoy life.

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My father is 77 loves to paint and garden. Chemo has a high risk to neuropathy of hands and feet. Every person reacts differently. HE doesn't want to lose the ability to do what he loves. 16 weeks of chemo, immunosuppressan and a decrease in quality of life. He is worried to be the percentage that has these severe effects. Studies show only 2.5 months extension of life with chemo. For now it's his decision to start with the less side effect medication such as Xtandi. When it seems to not work then he will decide to go to other options. Thank you so much for your input and I'm so happy to hear each and every persons story and journey.

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Hi my prostate cancer has spread only to the lymph shown on a PET scan, I have opted for Zoladex and Zytiga as first treatment (based on the results from the stampede trial) I also follow an organic diet, essiac tea etc. I am 48 so I am trying to aggressively deal with it through medicine and diet.

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My father was started on Xtandi and he has also been on Lupron. He goes today to check if psa has dropped. We are all praying that it has. We have also changed his diet, not drastic, he is 77 and likes to eat bread we have made some small adjustments. I wish you the best, please keep us updated on your progress!

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I chose chemo with adt, never questioned it, been 2 years but psa went up so go from here and see if the scans are not changed. Could have been a diet change but may have to add other things.

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