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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

My brother ( 67) has had stage 4 prostrate cancer since 2014.

He was undergoing Chemotherapy.

4 weeks ago , he had both kidney stents changed - June 19th

3 days later his ankles and feet were swollen.

We treated with massage and epsom salt.

He had no pain in ankles or feet.

5 days later he was taken to Hospital - June 30th

We were told that recently put in stents were clogged ! That was a shock.

What bothers me is that he was walking and talking and joking before he was taken to hospital.

They put nephrostomy tubes and he was supposed to come home on July 9th.

He was very excited that he will be home.

He even watched Wimbledon with me and talked a lot about who will win etc.

Starting July 11th he was not feeling well and started to complain about pain on right side.

On July 18 , he had cardiac arrest( he had a heart stent put in in 2013 )

2 days ago we were told that his liver has grown to twice the size because of cancer.

BUT BUT - All the MRI's and CT Scans he had done over last 2 years NEVER mentioned that he has liver cancer !

We are totally lost !

We have been told that he may not be with us soon - He is in ICU

Today, he can not talk and needs breathing tube and we are very upset to see his condition.

Hospital wants to disconnect all tubes and let him pass away while giving Morphine.

I am really lost - How can liver cancer go undetected and spread in 2 weeks to the point where he can no longer live ?

Any help will help !

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I am so sorry to read your post, it is frightening how this cancer can suddenly turn and be very aggressive. Our oncologist called it a "tiger" and it would seem to be a very appropriate name. I know how helpless you must be feeling as I was in your shoes a few months ago.

When you are with him please talk to him as hearing is the last sense to go and the comfort he will have from hearing a friendly voice is the best thing you can do.



Thanks to everyone for your info and kind words.

I posted last night and this morning my brother passed away.

Still can not understand how a person could be walking , talking , joking and enjoying watching TV in hospital and before that and suddenly started going down.

He suffered cardiac arrest on July 18 and never recovered from it.

Could not even talk after that - could only answer questions about pain etc by moving his head. Kept eyes closed.

Until July 17th , we were told that he is constipated because of narcotics being used to relieve pain and that is why is belly was extended.

I still do not know why hospital said on July 19th that his cancer had spread to liver as they did not do any MRI or CT Scan. He had cardiac arrest on July 18th.

On July 19th , the palliative team told us to let him go with dignity and they will stop everything except for Morphine and Oxygen and move him to comfort floor.

This was very hard to digest.

He was supposed to be released from hospital on July 9

Never even knew his cancer had spread to liver - None of MRI's or CT Scans showed this.


BTW, he had tubes put in back for each kidney.

From right kidney, he had too much blood coming out and next day my brother noticed that he lost lost of blood in toilet.

His blood pressure sky rocketed.

They took right tube out and second Dr. who put it back in 2 days later told us that the first time an artery got punctured and that is why he was lost blood.

They did give me 1 unit of blood 4 days later.


Sorry for your loss, you did everything you could to support him so please take comfort from that.

It is hard when the cancer gets out of control but my wonderful hospice nurse did warn me that this is so often the way that it ends. Mike also had nephrostomies for the last 9 months.

Sending you and all your family my condolences.

Jackie (UK based)


This is one of the most heart-rendering and tragic stories I herd in years! I can understand the shock and agony which can crush your feelings when a loving brother so unexpectedly has to leave you and your family and not to be with you any more. Sadly it's a point of no return I am unable to think of a way out to advise you in saving his life. This hidden monster - massive liver cancer indeed is unbelievable! Is this what we expect from proper medical investigations?!

My thoughts are with you and I pray for your brother.



I am so so sorry to hear your news. This is really the most tragic story I have heard in a long time.

It is frightening how this cancer can spread so aggressively. But more frightening is the fact that it wasn't detected for such a long time. How can something like that happen?

I don't think that there is anything you can do at this point really. Being with your brother and talking to him and give whatever comfort you can is the only way I think. In a way I am delighted to hear that the hospital is willing to let him go instead of artifically prolonging his life which could be very painful for him and you as relatives.

I wish you strength.



Dear Sood1954 - I am so sorry to read this post. It sounds so much like my husband. My husband had a UTI, went septic, recovered, had a combination chemo cabazitaxel and carboplatin number 4 of 6, never stopped urinating blood, had total normal urine blockage, began renal failure, hospitalized with nephrostomy tubes in both kidneys, 2 bags of blood every couple of days, platlets, etc. The doctors couldn't figure out why he was bleeding so much. My dear husband is now in hospice with morphine. His liver blood test is elevated -also never before - so I feel it is now in the liver, too...all this in a year of failing all treatments with the oncologist. Your brother and my husband have battled this horrible cancer. It is heart wrenching! I will pray for your brother and your family. I know my husband will go to heaven and that is the peace in my life . So many men die from this cancer - it is not always "you die with it not from it" that we heard from our doctor. Prayers to all and peace.


My heart is with you. I'm sorry to hear about your husband.


Thinking about you both as you face this difficult stage in his cancer battle.



I do not think he has liver cancer. I suspect he has Prostate Cancer which spread to the liver. That is no consolation to you as it is cancer all the same, but to get any proper treatment he needs to get the facts all straightened out. Next issue was blood clots. PC sufferers who are on chemo seem to be prone to blood clotting. My onc saw my feet were swollen and had me take an ultrasound of my legs that found that I had blood clots in my legs what is called Deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I was put on blood thinners.

I am not sure what treatment he is getting but I would suggest he go to a National Cancer Center to see if something can be done. I am a patient at MSKCC in NYC but there are several others in other parts of US.


I'm so sorry for you .i rarely read these blogs any more as my husband died 9 months ago. It brings back too many sad memories. When the kidneys fail .the body fails .my husband too had liver problems a complication from prostate cancer ..understanding your grief ..a wonderful book has helped me along with a support group .best wishes to you and your family this is such a difficult time ..grief is on going .talk to your brother ..hold his hand ..I'm so sorry ...


I'm sorry, my heart bleeds for you.

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After finishing medical school, instead of practicing, I went into medical research. I had prostate cancer 12 years ago that was at stage 4 and I thought I would be dead within a year BUT I am still alive. I researched what drugs or compounds I could take to save my life. Below is what has worked for me.

First have your prostate removed using the DaVinci Device. Be careful and make sure that the clinic you go to has installed the FIX in the DaVinci Device that used to leave a LOT of prostate tissue behind resulting in metastasis to the bone and death. The DaVinci Device still leaves prostate tissue behind BUT if the hospital or clinic has installed the FIX from DaVinci much less tissue will be left behind--many hospitals don't want to spend the money for the FIX so check this carefully.

Take the following Supplements & Drugs:

· 4-Methylumbelliferone (4-MU or Cantabiline). In one study 4-MU inhibited prostate cancer and bone metastasis in 100% of subjects. Even after stopping treatment, no bone metastases developed. Used in Germany in 1930s in the concentration camps to treat metastatic prostate cancer successfully in officers and prisoners. In recent declassified documents that were originally seized in Operation Paper Clip at the end of World War II, studies by German doctors on German Military Officers and prisoners in concentration camps showed a complete reversal of metastatic prostate cancer. This drug targets PCa metastasis by abrogating HA signaling and hyaluronic acid synthesis. It also prevent onset of Type 1 diabetes if initiated before insulin-producing beta cells are attacked. and is an over-the-counter supplement sold throughout Europe. A month's supply costs about $4. This drug does NOT lower the PSA but it effectively BLOCKS metastasis of prostate cancer. The bulk done in the concentration camps used only 4-MU in their clinical trials but toward the of all the studies the German doctors had developed a triple protocol of combining 4-MU with what is today called by the brand name "Casodex" and and isosilybin B because other studies had uncovered a remarkable synergistic effect between Casodex and Isosilybin B in terms of stopping prostate cancer in its tracks. The German doctors also discovered Casodex and Isosilybin B combined cause a dramatic increase in breasts size in both men and women and they included dramatic photos of this showing men with breasts larger than 48 DD in just a few months.

· Curcumin (CurQlife®) - 400 mg bid (2x day). Suppresses Sp-1 in colorectal, bladder and lung carcinoma. Decreases cytokines CXCL1 & CXCL2 significantly lowers risk of metastases. Blocks activation of STAT3 & NF-kB and decreased secretion of IL-6 in Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) in Patients with Multiple Myeloma.

I have carefully reviewed teh extraction process of a number of Curcumin products and the Life Extension Product simply does NOT come close to the quality of CurQlife®--make sure you buy the gel tabs--the capsules are worthless. Look for the brand CurQlife®which is from Laila it has the best absorption and is the purest. DO NOT TAKE ANY Curcumin mixed with Turmeric-Turmeric is filled with deadly compounds and CurQlife® is a highly purified extract that removes those undesirable compounds. Just type in the word "CurQlife®" on Amazon.com. I have NO financial interest in any of these products I am recommending.

WARNING: anti-coagulant

· Isosilybin B - 48 mg bid (2x day). Blocks androgen receptors through a different mechanism than drugs like Casodex (Bicalutamide) & unlike Casodex does NOT stop working after use. Anti-tumor action in bladder & prostate cancer cells. Purchase European Milk Thistle from Life Extension which contains Isosilybin B ( take 2 capsules a day).

WARNING: anti-coagulant

· EGCG (-)epigallocatechin-3-gallate - 325 mg qd (1x day). COX-2 but not COX-1 inhibitory activity. Destroys androgen-sensitive LNCaP and androgen-insensitive PC-3 human prostate carcinoma cells.

WARNING: anti-coagulant

· trans-Pterostilbene - 50 mg qd (1x day). Powerful inhibitor of MTA1 in prostate cancer aggressiveness. Increases p53 tumor suppressor in breast & prostate cancer. Extremely effective against chemoresistant bladder cancer.

WARNING: anti-coagulant

· Boswellia - 100 mg qd (1x day). Contains AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid) that blocks 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) implicated in many cancers.

WARNING: anti-coagulant

· Melatonin - 3 mg qd (1x day). Blocks cancer via its modulation of cell-cycle length through control of p53/p21 pathway, and its anti-mitotic activity. The p53 tumor suppressor gene is an important surveillance system that identifies cancerous mutations and initiates either apoptosis or DNA repair. The p21 tumor suppressor gene works with the p53 tumor suppressor gene to control cell division (mitosis). Melatonin also exerts profound immunomodulation effects on different types of solid tumors.

· Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) - 4000 IU bid (2x day). Fifty-five (55) percent of men with prostate cancer who took vitamin D3 for a year showed decreased Gleason scores and some complete disappearance of tumors.

WARNING: Hypercalcemia, tiredness, cardiac arrhythmias, puffiness of eyelids, bone pain, tinnitus, mental confusion, seizures, renal insufficiency.

A few more warnings. You will notice that some of the above compounds are anti-coagulants so DO NOT take all of the above compounds that are anti-coagulants together at the same time or you could literally bleed to death. Check with your physician to be sure that you are NOT taking other anti-coagulants like a prescription drug or a supplement that has strong anti-coagulant properties like Omega-3 or fennel seeds which are strong anti-coagulants that should NEVER be sold without a repression. Do NOT take any of the compounds above that are anti-coagulants and Omega-3 or fennel seeds or you may bleed to death.

Please DO NOT take any of the supplements above without being under a doctor's care. Because supplements literally have hundreds of effects in the human body combining them without a doctor's supervision can be deadly.

If you have been diagnosed with Prostate cancer you should have your prostate removed but there is ALWAYS some prostate tissue left behind NO MATTER WHAT SURGICAL METHOD IS USED. You must make changes to your diet to reduce the risk of metastasis to the bone.

I recommend you discuss the following with your physician:

1. Go on a plant-based diet eliminating all meat, diary, and fish. Under NO circumstances should you drink milk or consume cheese or fermented products products like Yogurt--all of these have been proven to cause cancer--READ THE LITERATURE.

2. Ask you physician to put you on Casodex (bicalutamide) 50 mg for a few months. This is a prescription drug that blocks androgen receptors and is used for mild forms of prostate cancer. Casodex taken with isosilybin B has shown dramatic synergistic effects against prostate cancer probably involving the total blockage of androgen receptors leaving a high blood level of testosterone which is toxic to prostate cancer if the androgen receptors are blocked.



There are some elements of your posting that cause me some concern and I would like to know more about the documentation for them.

To begin with, you wrote: "The DaVinci Device still leaves prostate tissue behind BUT if the hospital or clinic has installed the FIX from DaVinci much less tissue will be left behind".

I had thought that the DaVinci device is merely a method for remote surgery through inserted tools that are still manipulated by a surgeon. The device doesn't actually remove the prostate, it's the surgeon who does it and if any parts of the prostate are left behind, it is because the surgeon missed them. Can you provide more information about the "FIX"?

Secondly, I'm very suspicious about clinical trials of prostate cancer treatment in Nazi concentration camps. I am aware of some experiments that they did on killing people, for example the freezing experiments. I hadn't heard of any prostate cancer trials. Can you point me to some documentation for this?

I'd also like to know more about your own case. Can you tell us your Gleason score, age and PSA at the time of your diagnosis 12 years ago and your current PSA? In addition to the supplements, what treatments have you had?





Maxlifespan aka Dr. Mengele ran many experiments in the camps using 4-MU. By all accounts 4-MU was effective because the PCa patients died with PCa not because of it.


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What is the FIX in the DaVinci device?


Things can take a turn for the worse so quickly. Be there for him, hold his hand and let him know you are there. I am so sorry.

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You indeed are your brother's keeper. God Bless you and may God watch over your brother. Zoí stous zontanoús.

j-o-h-n Saturday 07/22/2017 10:57 AM EST

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Too many guys jump on the chemo bandwagon.....more than one Doc has advised me to only consider chemo as a last resort because it weakens the immune system and can cause the cancer to take off like a rocket



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