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Grading PCA

When I was initially diagnosed, I was told that I was Stage 4, G9, with lymph node involvement, with a second opinion to verify it. I've been going thru some records, and found that a few more relatively recent records say, at this time my current stage is T2b. Looking further, I found a staging at T2b N0 G9, from early 2016. These records are from when I asked my prior, prior, Uro, to provide them for my next guy. What I got was only what they had since they went up on electronic records. That means the first five or so years are missing. Not actually, but I don't have them, nor does any of my current doctors. I have a call in to my Primary Doc, to see what records they may have from my start with this. They should have something, I hope.

My initial question now is, does a Stage 4 Dx, rule out having an RP? And, was my first Uro a quack?

I'd be very disappointed if this wasn't just a clerical issue. Stand by for crucial update as they come in.


UPDATE: FFS, I got a hold of my first Uro group, and asked about my initial grading. It took about twenty minutes, talking to the nicest lady. I found out that the node by the seminal vesicules was questionable. Not only did no one tell ME that, they assumed it was cancerous, and fucked me up. I am about pissed off!

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If the Stage 4 diagnosis was correct, then the disease had spread to other parts of your body. Was the one lymph node the only indication? Did you have a CT scan and a bone scan?


Yost, no one can beat this, and I quote, from my biopsy results, "? Node adjacent to seminal vesicule". What do you think that might mean? That was my Dx in 1/10. The node was questionable, and it was never treated as such. It was treated as non-operable PCa. I'm thinking fraud! It is so obvious.



Tough to tell, and I understand your frustration. It sounds like they didn't sample the "questionable node." I avoid judgments on fraud and malpractice, but it does seem right of you to press for some answers.


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