PCA breakput

PSA kept rising in spring and cancer broke out several weeks ago. Much pain in pelvis and upper body. Vèry start of 10 radiation treatments and pain gone immediately. I am now completely mapped for future treatments. Bad thing to watch out for, falls. I should be up and fighting after one more week of nursing. Docs optimistic for decent survival period.

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  • You might want to ask your doctors about agents to help keep bones strong (Zometa, Xgeva), and drugs "beyond" Lupron (Zytiga, Xtandi) and, if bone symptoms persist, Xofigo.

  • Thx. Take Zytiga, prednisone, prolia shots each 6 months.

  • Elgie had been getting injections of Xgeva and the doctors have said he has had a miraculous healing of his bones. You better be up and fighting ;)

  • Up and fighting! Will query onc next week when I see her about Xgeva and other options. The best to you two.

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