Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Robert Amato, D.O., Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, TX

I received a letter dated April 26, 2017, informing me that, effective immediately, due to a medical condition Dr. Amato will be taking an indefinite leave of absence. The letter reads that he anticipates working full time in the future.

Does anyone know if other oncologist's at this clinic follow the same protocols as Dr. Amato. Please provides names of the oncologist you saw and your experience.


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Normally, a departing doctor's office will make referrals for stranded patients to a recommended replacement doctor or practice, either suggesting a name/contact, or providing one, upon request.

It might be simpler just to call and ask Dr. Amato or his office.

Otherwise, Dr Slawin on the Urology/Early Treatment/Clinical Trials side of things might be someone to consider asking about treatments, or to whom he refers advanced cases.

Work those phones, emails, and visits.





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