Zytiga voyage

Zytiga voyage

Started down the Zytiga path today. Would appreciate hearing from some folks who have been on Zytiga and what some of the side effects you experienced and how you worked around to gain better outcomes. I exercise vigorously every day and eat a vegan diet and don't drink alcohol. Not sure if this makes a difference or not, but I feel strong and have decent energy. Not as much as before PCa, but close enough.


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  • No issues. No fatigue take prednisone in the morning. Has worked great for me so far. PSA drop from 15.3 to 3.4.

  • I started Zytiga on Jan. 2, 2017, and so far I haven't noticed any side effects other than what I already experienced with Firmagon/Lupron, and even that was very mild. You look slim and you exercise vigorously, so I think you can expect very little additional side effects. Good luck!

  • Started Zytiga with 10mg Prednisolone in Sept '16 following 10 cycles of Docetaxel. There was a 5 month break from treatment pre Zytiga other than never ending Zoladex which is now in third year. PSa at start of Z was 26 within 2 weeks 0.58. Most recent O.06. Only side effect Prednisolone minor indigestion. Essentially nil real side effects and tantalisingly excellent results. Next reading 14 Feb will post full monthly sequence then for you. David

  • Ive been on Zytiga for 5 months. Reduced my PSA ( which had been doubling for several months from 9.1 to 2.0. No side effects whatsoever. The prednisone I have to take to protect the liver does occasionally give me heartburn. I am not vegan and drink alcohol.

  • My husband Mike took zytiga with radiation for 4 months along with lupron shots - didn't work for him - now he's starting Provenge Immunetherapy- good luck on the zytiga- you have to keep trying things

  • Same here. Five months on it with no side effects at all. The thing is, is how long will it work. For some it doesn't work at all, and they're switched to Xtandi. And, vice versa, I believe. It's always good to hear from guys who are able to get out and do some vigorous exercise.

    Good Riding, Joe

  • I was on Zytiga for 3 1/2 years no real side effects and worked well on my PSA.

  • Hi, did you try zytiga after psa rose post chemo or before chemo even started. I understand xtandi may have a stronger effect but sounds like significantly worse side effects. though being on prednisone for long doesn't seem great either

  • I was on a drug trial with zytiga and prednisone. One of the criteria for the trial was that I did NOT have chemo yet. Drugs have different affects on different people. I did very well on zytiga and the prednisone is a very low dose (5mg), so don't be concerned about that.

  • I think his option is xtandi with prednisone or zytiga. The doctor said Xtandi does more to suppress the spread but I recall reading the side effects and they seemed to be harsher. We were surprised Casodex stopped working so fast. The doctor agreed to do an MRI and possibly a bone scan before making any decision (haven't had one since before treatment started)

  • Used two different times, first lasted about 7 months PSA dropped to 0.53. Next time not so good raised to 29.

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