Advanced Prostate Cancer
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City of Hope in Duarte California

Anyone know of any prostate cancer cures coming out of City of Hope in Duarte Ca. ?

I have stage 4 prostate cancer with metastasis to other parts of the body, like bones and lymph nodes, I think I already know the answer to this but what the heck this is my life I'm trying to save, is there any cure out there for stage four adenocarcinoma prostate cancer ?

I am currently receiving all the standard protocol treatments HT/ADT and Chemo etc.

I have had a prostatectomy , my Rad Onc. did not think I was a good candidate for radiation so I did not have radiation, I have been fighting for five years, currently receiving Chemo and I want a cure dang it.


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There are lots of treatments. A clear path to a cure. Not that I know of. My goals are to get rid of the bone cancer, and then to stop the circulating tumor cells. How to do that is not exactly clear.

Cornell in Manhattan (Weill) has a trial aimed at CTCs that you may find interesting. D591 is the drug if I remember correctly. NCT02552394


MrJack--no cures yet--but we can obtain long term remissions. My suggestion, not being a Doctor--is to get Gene Mapped--to learn what Gene Mutations you have--You can call 888-988-3639--and have someone walk you thru this. Knowing what has mutated defines what experimental drugs are now available against your particular Mutations--It also sets you up for Clinical Trials, based on your mutations---which is better than shooting in the dark.

Another consideration is BAT--High Dose T, 400 mg shots every 28 days followed by going back on a triple blockade of ADT---John Hopkins now running a serious trial--after many reports and papers of small investigative groups having success in 50% or more of their patients of severely reducing PSA, making you feel good when on The T cycle---and cancer cells left---looking like they ran into a stone wall with spikes--that which could be seen in the blood.

Anyway my thoughts.


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How goes it Mr. Jack,

I would call something you want, a miracle. A lot of people get cancer in many different forms, and engage in some goofy shit to get rid of it. My stepdad got religion after a Dx of lung cancer, that didn't work. My cousin went to Lourdes, France in the hope of a cure from god, that didn't work out either. My Dad didn't change a thing, after his first seizure, and subsequent Dx of incurable brain Ca, the Philadelphia Fire Department let my Dad have a desk job until he couldn't do it any longer. He died at home, in '77. We just attended my wife's aunts funeral. One day she was Dx with lung cancer, a week later she going to hospice!?! She never got there.

I think the point I'm trying to make is, do what you think is best for you. Me personally, I believe in a god as much as I do aliens. I'll take my doctors advice, and continue that route. I'm seven years with St. 4, with mets. About where you are was a rough time for me. I had to quit working from the fatigue and muscle loss. I haven't had to deal with chemo either, unless you consider Zytiga chemo. OK, I'm done.

Best of Luck, Joe

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