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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I've been trying to follow this website for a long time, but I keep getting directions in Spanish which I don't understand. How can I change this? I was diagnosed with PC in 2008 with PSA 32 and Gleason 9. 45 days radiation and 1 year HT, Lupron. PSA: 10/14-37;12/14-58.6. Scar Tissue blockage causing inability to relieve self. 5 surgeries to remove. Continues to grow back. Totally incontinent. Metastisized to bones. 11/14 Firmagon and X-Geva monthly. My question for HELP: Have any of you experienced Sleep Horrors from Firmagon? I am having the worse experience both night and day. I am not a weakling--but, I am afraid to go to sleep. Any solutions?

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Though not 100% incontinent using condom catheter with collection bag has greatly added to my sleep time.


I woke up repidly during the night and attributed it to PCA after being diagnosed with sleep apnea and now have a CPAP machine I sleep through the night. Some times cause and effect are not readily apparent.


trying going to "About" up near the top of the page, and then after "About" opens, look for language options near the bottom right of the page; then check "English"


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