I've been trying to follow this website for a long time, but I keep getting directions in Spanish which I don't understand. How can I change this? I was diagnosed with PC in 2008 with PSA 32 and Gleason 9. 45 days radiation and 1 year HT, Lupron. PSA: 10/14-37;12/14-58.6. Scar Tissue blockage causing inability to relieve self. 5 surgeries to remove. Continues to grow back. Totally incontinent. Metastisized to bones. 11/14 Firmagon and X-Geva monthly. My question for HELP: Have any of you experienced Sleep Horrors from Firmagon? I am having the worse experience both night and day. I am not a weakling--but, I am afraid to go to sleep. Any solutions?

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  • Though not 100% incontinent using condom catheter with collection bag has greatly added to my sleep time.

  • I woke up repidly during the night and attributed it to PCA after being diagnosed with sleep apnea and now have a CPAP machine I sleep through the night. Some times cause and effect are not readily apparent.

  • trying going to "About" up near the top of the page, and then after "About" opens, look for language options near the bottom right of the page; then check "English"

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