Mikes journey seems to be in the final stage

Hello to all you good folk here, we had a rather distressing time at Christmas. Mike was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day night with sepsis, UTI, diverticulitis and anaemia. Things didn't look promising but with good care and antibiotics coupled with 4 units of blood he pulled through. He is hopefully coming home in the next couple of days, nursing care has been approved so I am so looking forward to him being back here.

No treatment other than pain relief is going to be given as at present he isn't strong enough and has not much immunity left.

Thank you to everyone on this site that has given us advice over time, all very much appreciated.

This is a strange time in our life and I am going to make sure that I will do everything to do my best to look after my soulmate of 56 Years.

Hugs and prayers to all out there

Jackie (in the UK)

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  • Saying a prayer Jackie for You and Mike. Sorry sorry he is having even more health problems but so glad they were able to help him. Gentle hugs,


  • Thankyou Jackie.

  • Jackie (in the UK),

    I'm very sorry that Mike seems to be nearing the end of the journey. I'm glad he can go home & he's getting pain relief. I would like to commend you for being so active in seeking to help him in every way possible. All of the women who post here on behalf of their men impress me very much (including, of course, Jackie erjlg3).


  • Thank you Neal...this auto spell check gets me every time lol ;)

    I hope you're doing well Neal!

  • Hi Jackie

    Very sorry to hear your news about Mike. I will pray he finds peace and comfort in this final part of his journey. My sincere best wishes to you in this very difficult period of time. I will pray for you to find strength and peace.

    Best wishes

    Bill Manning

  • Thank you Bill.

  • May the grace of God be with you and your husband.

  • Thanks Dr WHO.

  • My thoughts for you and Mike for a comfortable end to his journey and for happy memories for you.

  • Thanks Yost, everyone is so kind and supportive on this site.

  • kindest regards to you and Mike, Jackie. Prayers for you both on this latest journey!


  • Mike is blessed to have your faithfulness and courage with him as he travels this path. The greatest pain I carry is that my wife must walk with me through this; particularly as we get older this was never in the plan. Blessings and prayers to you.

  • Hello Scarlino, thank you for your message.

    Mike also feels the same way that you do in as much that he feels that he has somehow failed to protect us from this horrible condition and the hurt that follows. I keep telling him that it is nobodies fault and we are all in this together to keep him safe and to make sure he is as comfortable as can be. Together we are a strong supportive unit and can help each other cope.

    Your wife will do everything that she can for you and hopefully gain comfort that she is supported by all the wives that have walked this path before.

    I send you both a hug and a prayer.


  • Thank you Jackie and same to you! My wife stands by me and with me in this and I am so very blessed, as is Mike! Blessings to you both in this difficult time.

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