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Experimental Drug Knocks Down PCa


Looks to me that with the new drugs in the pipeline like checkpoint inhibitors and the drug in the article below good progress is being made in the treatment of PCa. Finally treatments that control or kill the disease besides ADT, with all of its side effects, and the fact that ADT is only a palliative treatment that the cancer eventually overcomes. Make it 2 years and the chances are, with the new drugs, you will not die of PCa.



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I am a firm believer that only chemotherapeutic, cytotoxic drugs can do the job to put an end to prostate cancer. And also radio active isotope agents that can destroy cancer cells by way of systemic treatment ( Presently applied as a focal therapy ).

It is high time to depart form the palliative Hormone Therapies which have not changed fundamentally over the last 50 years!

Our oncologists are a lazy lot! ( Hope we don't have any in our group )

Thank you Gus.


This is exciting. It's not hormonal therapy but a true treatment to eliminate PCa.

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