You can still have orgasms! After surgery, radiation. Even on ADT!

I want to make sure guys understand that the male ability to achieve orgasm continues. You just have to work at it harder. After radical prostatectomy my erections returned pretty normally. After radiation less so, but with an understanding partner intimacy and orgasms were still there. On ADT it's harder yet, because sex isn't on my mind - but with mental/visual stimuli & a (again) very understanding partner, rich orgasms continue! Just requires a mutual commitment.

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  • Thanks for posting that. Been my experience also. They may not be as frequent, but I've had good results - at least much better than I feared before I began ADT.

  • Thanks for posting. I too am in a similar position. Dx locally advanced PCa in November 2014. Radiotherapy and ADT. My erections are weak so we gave up on intercourse as too distressing. However I can still enjoy very intense orgasms, sometimes masturbating alone sometimes by my partner. Intimacy with an understanding partner is a wonderful pick me up!!

  • I have also found after 17 years of castrate level Pca that with a vibrator and either with an understanding partner or alone that an orgasm of MORE intensity and LASTING longer can be achieved. I have a silly little "erection" which is an exaggeration and obviously no ejaculation but a sensation better than before! Be sure to pea just before or unfortunate accidents can happen.

  • I fake them....

    j-o-h-n Monday, 10/31/2016 @10:05 PM EDT

  • I got to get Cialis or Viagra and try it. Hope it works.

  • Erections are still hard to come by (no pun intended), even with generic Cialis, so forget about penetration sex. But with (or without) a loving partner, masturbation remains effective at achieving an orgasm! Good advice to pee just before, to avoid THOSE squirts.

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