Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Advanced Prostate Cancer and Palliative care

what kind of meds are available to me from palliative care to make me feel good

and relieve pain, right now I just do about 1 to 2 Hydrocodone/Norco a day (of the small 5's not the 10's)

and I'm thinking I would like to add something else to the regimen.

but trying to stay off of medical marijuana, because I am trying to keep my sobriety don't you know. I just want to relax, feel good and have no pain.



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If it is bone pain, they can radiate the bone to quiet the nerve. Radium223 also kills some cancer cells as well as dampens the pain.


Austin, many of us would be interested in knowing some details of your wife's "cure." What kind of cancer did she have, & what was the stage? What's the ratio of THC to CBD in the oil, or the percentages? What was the dosage regimen? What is your basis for saying she's cured? You're not selling the oil, are you?


I would really like to see a study on regular pot smokers, people who have smoked pot all of their lives , say from age 20 to 65 and the amount of cancer in those types of people, how can we prove marijuana users have fewer cancer deaths


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