Are yearly Pet/Ct scans wise?

Hi, I have 4 small spots in the bones that for now, appear to have been checked through intermittent hormone treatment. I have been monitoring the mets yearly for 3 years by way of Fluoride 18 Pet/Ct scans and I am due to have another set of scans next month.

My question is--is this a wise thing to do considering the amount of radiation?


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  • I am struggling with that issue also. I have Ductal prostate cancer that often does not raise your PSA. The oncologist is weighing the benefits of scans in addition to PSA vs the long term damage of additional radiation. Currently they are studying my pathology samples to determine how much of the cancer will give off PSA.

  • I have been wondering the same thing but have been thinking.....tracking the cancer was more important. I would love to see the answers LG goes every 6 months for the sodium fluoride PET scan F18.

  • One view of tests is that one should avoid those for which one has no plan if the result turns out to be worrisome.

    What would be your response if the spots have grown?

    I had a few small bone spots, in addition to a significant lesion at L5. I investigated radiation on the basis of oligometastatic disease (i.e. few mets). The PCa oncologist dismissed all but the L5, which he treated. The bone scan report had described all as being consistent with bone mets.


  • Is that supposed to say one should avoid if there is no pain??? Or is the plan the correct word?

  • "Plan".

    It's tempting to run tests just to keep an eye on things, but if there is no intent to act on the results, why bother? Particularly if there is exposure to radiation. & tests can be stressful.

    The way middlejoel's question is worded makes the test seem optional - as though results will not affect current treatment [IADT].


  • I would not worrying about it. From 2003 to 2010, I had 18 Nuclear Bone Scans and Abdominal CT Scans. I'll have my 19th in November, only because its been a little over 6 1/2 years since the last one. For the record, I had two mets to my spine at L2 and T3, both are resolved. Last treatment of any kind was Lupon last given in February 2010. I started taking 4 mg of Androgen two years late and continue today with T ranging from 480-535. PSA remains at undetectable. Currently I see my Medical Oncologist three times a year and have 3 pages of follow up lab work for the trial which I had undergone.

    Keep kicking the bastard,

    Gourd Dancer

  • Thanks so much Gourd Dancer! :)

  • My concerns would be more on what are you doing to REMOVE THE METS, and then there’s reason for the scans. If you’re not doing to remove / reduce the mets the scans are useless..

    Best of luck

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