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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Social Security Benefits for us

It looks like hit or miss getting SS Disability benefits. It should not be.

If you've had recurring cancer, you qualify, it's that simple. It's part of there Compassionate Care Program. This means it's pushed through all the red tape.


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I started getting the benefits a little more than a year ago, retroactive to my last work day. It was a nice check. But the lawyer got a chunk. "We don't need no stinkin' lawyers". 

Good Luck to All, I had to stop working at 54, and it s.... never mind.


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I thought recurring prostate cancer got you over the medical threshold but that you still had to show actual disability. I'll go do some reading.


This is how it went for me. I applied, and denied. I got a lawyer, and they were on board for about, a year. My wife found the compassion care news somewhere while online, and we followed up. I did have to see the state 'doctor', who denied me. But the judge, yes a judge, over ruled him because it's the law. And, I got a check. Like I said, I was 54, now 57. I would give my left n.. if it was big enough, to work today. The ADT did me in.



It got me disability...$200 a month...I can buy groceries for 3 days with that...I have a large family.


speak with your Congressman wherever anyone is located they will help you just as a lawyer does. They want your vote. They are very helpful. May have to put in a few phone calls a few letters and keep in touch with them weekly. Don't let time slip by without calling each week and ask about an update on where they are with your case

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I called S'S and was told my wife and I make to much money with our S'S alone to get help. We both have part time jobs without benefits because of the cancer related bills. I am not going to be able to work much longer and wonder how we will keep up with the crazy costs of cancer.



You know, the one thing that did not dawn on me was this, I have real good insurance. I thought I was on the low end of SS, but if I had to live on it, I don't think so. This is where compassion kicks in, and I have no idea what to say. Now, I've got more to look into.



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