Let's all take the opportunity to wish our mentor, our advocate, and our friend Chuck Maack a happy anniversary for the 62nd year of his marriage.      Chuck has helped so many of us over the years, and has gone out of his way to provide individual attention to any of us who sought information from him.

Chuck is a true humanitarian, who has devoted his life to learning everything possible about prostate cancer and to keep abreast of all of the latest developments, for those who are newcomers and not that familiar with his work.


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  • Happy anniversary Chuck...may both of you celebrate another 62 years of marriage...

  • Chuck Been reading your material for years ,congratulations on your 62nd and many more to come.

  • Happy Anniversary Chuck! Thanks for all you do to educate people about prostate cancer.

  • Chuck have a very blessed day, month, and year as you celebrate your very special anniversary meaning you and yours.  A great help to all over so many years. Great article that you wrote also. God's peace.

  • Happy Anniversary, Chuck! Thanks for all you do to help us all!

  • A great achievement for sure. You are 10 years ahead of us. I am convinced that having a partner helps in the "battle" against PCA. 

  • Happy Anniversary, Chuck! What a tremendous achievement! Paul Taylor

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • You are the best!

  • Happy Anniversary and Thanks!

  • Best wishes to you and your good lady Chuck 

  • Congratulations Chuck.

    AND thank you for all that you have given to everyone affected by PC!

  • Chuck.

    I have avidly read your information inputs for years and think you are one of the most deserving of the Harry Pinchot awards.

    Happy Anniversary.

    Russ Thomas... Prostate Forum of Orange county.

  • Happy anniversary, Chuck!

  • I've never met you on here, but happy anniversary belated..couldn't help but want to extend the joy and to tell you how on awe I am of nearly 63 years of marriage. I've watched it with my grandparents 67 years and this kind of love deserves an aniversary every day xo

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