Advanced Prostate Cancer
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was jun 2010. Gleason 4  + 4 stage 4 age 53

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Surgery Aug 2010-

9 months later recurrence  followed by another surgery . Oct 2011- 6 weeks radiation. Mar 2013  another recurrence ---1 dose SBRT radiation.  June 2013 another recurrence-- start 9 cycles of chemotherapy docataxel +carboplatin.  Jan 2014  new FDA approved drug Xtandi. $9,000 a month for 1 year.  Feb 2014-- 6 weeks radiation.  

Oct  2015 another recurrence finishing up chemo(  cabazataxel) April 4th- back to Mayo April 12 for MRI'S & c11 pet scan Meanwhile every 3 months for last 5-1/2 years I have been to  Mayo for a Lupron shot.Read less

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How did the C-11 scan do? Did anything show up and what was your Psa when you had it? I'm thinking about getting the C-11 Acetate scan. They said it can detect cancer when your Psa is .2 or higher. The higher the better. They said at .5 - 1 it picks up like 95% of cancers. 


I have my c11 on Tuesday April 12. I have had about 12 of these the last 5 3/4 years


Your treatment history is a little different and confusing than I have seen from others and have experienced myself.

What type of 2nd surgery did you have 9 months after your first (maybe the alternative question is what were the two surgeries)?

At the recurrence why did you have only one dose of radiation?



1st surgery was Davin I robotic to remove prostate. 2nd was salvage surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes.  1 of the occurrences was SBRT radiation which zapped a lymph node.


Did you have a lymph node biopsy before the Davin 1? Or a bone scan?


Bone scan. They wanted to do lymph node biopsy  but node was in a hard spot to get at


Thanks for the response. I had one in 2001 and it was clean so it helped me pick a treatment. Sorry they couldn't do one for you as it would have allowed you to pass on the radical- there's that 20-20 hindsite again. Wish you a long life.


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