Advanced Prostate Cancer
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A Survivor

I survived cancer twice. 20 years ago it was colon cancer. Last year it was prostate cancer. Because of my prior medical history I was not a candidate for radiation or robotic surgery. So I chose cryogenic surgery. The surgeon felt I had enough clearance that he wanted to freeze the whole thing at once. I consented. I have had PSA of 0.000 up to 0.003. So it worked, the first time.

However as all of you know any treatment has side effects. My surgeon told me I would have to deal with an angry bladder. he has been right. I have to avoid certain things completely such as Nutrasweet. I now have a severe reaction to it. This means reading labels carefully.As some of you know it means avoiding other things. I can adjust.

So I guess I am thankful for survival but it's still hard to accept some of the changes.


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Welcome to our group and may your PSA remain always insignificant.




You are much better off avoiding Nutrisweet in any event. Not good stuff to ingest! Stay away from sweets entirely, as much as you can. Sugar is like poison, and sugar substitutes are bad chemicals better left aside. Get your taste buds adjusted, my friend. It takes only a couple of weeks for taste bud adaptation to other flavors, such as curcumin (as in curried dishes), ginger (which is strongly anti-cancer), or garlic (which is also anti-cancer). Just get your tongue to prefer other flavors like those and drop "sweet" from your repretoire.

Good wishes for good health!


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