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Can’t afford to lose weight… any medication available?

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Does anyone knows of any ADHD medication that does not makes me loose my appetite? I am pretty skinny as it is, and can’t afford to loose any weight.

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This is real serious... Talk to your doctor who prescribed your medication. Are you benefitting from your medication? Weigh the costs and benefits. Many people manage the symptoms of adhd without meds. Psych meds should help you, if not don't take them. But discontinue with the support of your doctor.

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Jauge in reply to lodopo

I am not taking any medication now. Just wondering if there is anything meds out there that would not make me loose weight. Yes, managing without Med would be ideal, but I was just trying to see what could be available.

I don't think there is anything else because I have a similar problem. My doctor just monitors my weight and he did send me to a nutritionist at one point. I have always had a fast metabolism. I think that if you are prepared for the lack of appetite you can work around it. I eat before I take the meds in the morning. I use alarms on my phone during the day to remind myself to eat. Eating with other people helps. Exercise helps. Always keeping easy to prep and eat food is definitely a game-changer. I have a local friend on the same med as me and she hasn't lost any weight and she would like to. Good luck.


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