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Has anyone been prescribed amphetemine in the evening instead of sleeping pills? Does it work?

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When the nurse practitioner told me to cut back to 1 sleeping pill and take adderall at night, I couldn't wrap my head around it....She said our brains are opposite of neural normal brains. Sleeping pills don't work because they wake us up..I was taking 100 mg of Seroquel and sometimes 2 advil pm and never slept well...felt foggy and trouble forming sentences well,,,friends feared me dementia...this is my 3rd nite with the switch..my body is feeling weird but I feel clearer and better so far than all the mis-diagnosis's I've had from ANY MD or PHD in the last 60 years and I'm pissed!

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Hi. For me, a small amount of Adderall taken at bedtime (usually, but not often), can actually help me to sleep better. I keeps my mind from running out of control. Adderall often acts like an Anti-Anxiety Rx. Often it improves/lifts my mood-like anAnti-Depressant (becarefull telling your Dr that last part. Some of them don't like to hear it. Some understand better than others and have heard it before). I do have to take something else with it. I'm on Seroquel also, but I think it's losing it's ability to help me sleep. Usually what ever I've taken stops working after a couple of days or weeks. Like my body gets used to it?

When you said "all the mis-diagnosis's I've had from ANY MD or PHD in the last 60 years and I'm pissed!" I definitely understand that. I can't even remember all of the Mental Health Pros I've seen over the years. And I had to pay some of these jackasses! (What's your Refund policy?) They don't ask the right questions.

Try not to let the 'Why's' or the 'What If's in your head. They can take on a mind of their own. They're like a Virus just waiting for the opportunity to get in your head.

Keep trying. I wish you relief, peace of mind, and yes-happiness.

Never Give Up.

THANK YOU SO much for sharing your encouragement and support!!! Your reply had me in tears...

I so appreciate your words...I was taking 30 mg ADD in am & 30 at noon. then at nite 100 mg Seroquel....but I feel like my head is swiss cheese. Now.. it's 4 days with 30 am 30mg pm and 50mg Seroquel....I was told that horrible drug is a psychotropoic drug whos side effect is sleep....and that i would have to wean slowly oof it so cutting dose in half is not slow...this video I've watched 4 times..I made an appoint. with him in Sept,..I learned so much about me watching this..lmk. tTY for writing t =his really helps me .P,S. My nurse practioner says...since our brains work opposite of neural typical brains...sleepingpills do the opposite..they wake us up..thats why you hear of people walking & driving while on them..she said they have waken people from comas using Ambien...you talk @ refund? I am a pit bull for justice and all this mis information..has screwed up millions of lives who have no idea they have it..they think they're alcoholics as I was for 16 yr....much m,ore to come...we will get the right dose for us and we wont suffer as we have in the past... I tried to post the link,,,so go to you tube and type. ADD/ADHD | What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Thomas E Brown PHD

Same here. When I was first diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall, the very first thing I wanted to do was take a nap! Sounds counter to what Adderall is rumored to do but I’ve been exhausted for 40 years and when the world went quiet with my first dose, I just wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it. I can definitely sleep with a small dose. I don’t take it at night though because when I was diagnosed I started something called Natures vitality CALM. I use the calmful sleep blend. It’s been unbelievable. It has melatonin (who NEVER worked for me before, it actually usually ruined my sleep more), L-theanine and GABA. I think it’s the GABA. I’ve looked into it a lot since taking it because I was so shocked at how well it worked! I’ve been taking it every night since September now. I sleep like a rock! I also use ear plugs now too. I’ve tried them through the years with no luck because the discomfort of the plugs made me sleep worse but with the Calm blend before bed and probably finally being on Adderall, the ear plugs don’t bother me at all now. Since starting these medication I have not ONCE woke up at night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Or woke up way to early and can’t get back to sleep. Or lay in bed at night exhausted with my head keeping me awake. It’s been life changing.

Glad you found something that works.

Hope this helps.

I like the idea. I've taken a vyvance pulled it apart taken a small amount to sleep but hearing about the seroquel witch isn't a sleeping pill at all its an anti psychotic... That's enough to put king Kong down..... Cause I would love to get more control over this never-ending battle having a couple of really good days

I know exactly where you’re coming from! And YES, stimulants work like sleeping pills for those of us with ADHD! God bless! 🙏

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