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Finance and budget help


Finances are a mess and a budget is nonexistent. Newly divorced and working on improving myself to be the best I can be. Just received my ADHD diagnosis this week at age 48. Relieved I’m not completely crazy but I’m whelmed with everything!!!! Missed the deadline on an IRS notice that they are attatching my paycheck because I missed a response deadline. My house is in forclosure and I need help and support. Is there anything available to adults with ADHD that can help stop either or both those situations? I need help digging myself out of this fast growing hole!

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So sorry! Sounds awful. The answer depends on your location and other factors. In my area there is a small nonprofit that does counseling and classes regarding financial matters but your situation is pretty complex. You might google financial counseling near me and see what you find. Focus on nonprofits that may have grants to help advise people in your situation. Many areas also have free tax can likely file to make more reasonable payments on past due taxes if you can prove hardship. Good luck to you.

Focusme has made some good points. I would also take a little time to breathe and stop thumping yourself. If you're in panic mode, it's impossible to make good decisions.

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