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Lost confused and scared


Have showed symptoms of adhd for.years as a child I stayed in trouble whooped or punished for things that weren't intentional in return I resulted in self isolation to avoid being in trouble or making others upset with me never learned to be myself have always been over emotional or highly sensitive where family stays distance because I take everything to heart very unorganized everyday tasks are overwhelming I can't complete anything so my house looks like a tornado even tho I clean every day I fail at every job I get even tho I know I'm very smart I over think everything I just want to do great but it always is the opposite I reach out to family and friends and get told I'm not trying and it's just excuses but it honestly isn't I have 5kids and I fear I will have them taking from me because I'm all over the place I'm late for work everyday kids are late for school faithfully I loose everything I've hit my lifetime limit for my social security card 5yrs ago and I'm 32 one of my kids got diagnosed with ADHD last year and am having the hardest time keeping him on track when I'm not

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I hear you, it is difficult at times, and at times almost impossible! But... believe it or not, there are times when ADHD can be great. I know that is hard to digest and believe. I am 55, was diagnosed at the age of 53. The funny thing is I was seeing a Neurologist about my many concussions and was going through a time of sever depression ( I had never experienced depression before ) to make a long story short, this is when they diagnosed my ADHD, and it is pretty severe. When I told my wife and family, they just said " well, that makes a lot of scene ) For me, seeing a counselor who knows ADHD and meds has helped.

I still have a long way to go. I am now trying to focus on my strengths with ADHD verses my weakness. And that is not easy to do, but they are there. Oh, by the way I am a pastor.. a pastor with ADHD, Sundays are never boring for my church! But please let me say this, God created you, knows you, you are NOT a mistake or Damaged. You are one of a kind, and very unique! Hang in there, I guess we are suppose to say that. How about..Don't give up..you are strong, you have lived with ADHD for 32 years, that takes strength.

Sounds like you’re having a rough go of it. I’ve been there. Everything happens so fast it is easy to feel like you have lost control and it is easy to loose hope.

Things can and will get better. You are brave and you are strong. And, by reaching out to us, you have a whole community of people who are ready to support you.

Have you actually been diagnosed with ADHD? If not that would be a good place to start. It definitely sounds like you’v got it, a diagnosis can help get you on the road to getting your life back together. Medication and counseling/therapy are the professional help options. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly both help, as well as healthy stress relief and mindfulness (just being aware of your needs, thoughts and emotions).

I hope that helps! Don’t forget, you are strong, you are brave, and you will make it through!

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