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Anyone taking Adderall help with diet, and also TMD/J?

I really struggle with eating right. Mainly because everything sounds terrible. I’ve been having this problem for over a year and I want to be healthy and feed my body what it needs. Also, I hate cooking so that doesn’t help. I try drinking smoothies but always worried because acidity effects my Adderall.

Also, has anyone been diagnosed or has systems of tmj/d after taking Adderall? Mine started beforehand but had gotten so bad I can’t stand it. Clenching at night terribly, in so much pain. I have decreased my dose twice.. feeling lost.

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Maybe the TMJ is caused from stress. Are you under a lot of stress, anger, anxiety?

For food, I like when I go to Trader Joe’s and buy a few pre-made salads, deli meat cheese, pre-made frozen meals, eggs. Simple and better than fast food. Like keeping mixed nuts/dried berries and chocolate around too.


Thank you for replying! And the only stress I’m having is over the tmj. Terrified to go to sleep, in constant pain. Like now, I’m truly considering going to immediate care. My head and jaws are hurting so bad I can’t stand it! Was looking up the closes one when I see this notification. Pretty sure they won’t be able to help me though, I just don’t know what to do anymore.


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