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ADHD Weekly—Number of Women, Girls Filling ADHD prescriptions Increases

Recently release numbers from the CDC show a dramatic increase in the number of teens and young women filling prescriptions for ADHD medication. What does this mean for women's health? Are you concerned about this increase or do you see it as part of the better understanding we have regarding women and ADHD?

Read "Number of Women, Girls Filling ADHD prescriptions Increases" at bit.ly/nrcincreasedmeds and let us know what you think!

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A little miffed that, once again, an article discussed only the under 45 crowd. I'm 58 & take ADD meds. Don't we count?


Hi JeannedArc,

Yes, women in their 50s and older do count! There is a need for more research and discussion on how ADHD affects women in their 50s and throughout retirement. Just as researchers were late to the party in understanding ADHD in women and girls in the first place, they are only just starting to look at research on women older than 50.

This article reflects the research just released on women who could become pregnant and how many are filling prescriptions for ADHD. It's part of additional research and information by the CDC on the concerns related to medications of any sort and the possible affects on pregnancy and development of the baby. The research numbers where collected because of the risks ADHD medication might have for miscarriage. Risks for the developing baby are also possible, but we don't have the research to pinpoint them.

I will take your comment to heart when planning our articles. You're right that we do need more that focuses on adults approaching and in their retirement years.

Thank you,



Not at all surprised, inattentive ADD seems to be missed on a regular basis. Going from the gigantic folder of all my testing my mother apparently kept - I have been tested for everything under the sun. Doctors even performed a CAT scan to see if I had a brain tumor? Somehow everyone who tested me from elementary school through high school missed the correct diagnosis. In college I finally got on ADHD medication and it changed my life. I went from having to take remedial math courses in my Freshman year to acing Stochastic calculus in my Senior year of college.


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