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Isotretinoin starting during lockdown?



I'm 35 and been battling my skin basically forever.....I got referred for isotretinoin a while ago but got scared of the side effects, then in march I went to dermatologist again after a referral from doc and decided right this is it I'm gonna do it! ....came off Doxycycline and went for first blood test then first lockdown hit,! I haven't heard anything since!

I am struggling now as been on nothing all his time and I go up and down with it, what's the best thing for me to do , do I go back on something in mean time 🤷🙈

Opinions please 😬

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I started the process before lockdown including seeing a dermatologist who made the referral for me.

I was contacted by my local hospital (in my area it comes under them for treatment) in September. They rang me instead of me attending the hospital (as would have been the normal practice before the virus) and told me I needed to get my local GP to do the blood test which I had done in October.

Once they had the result the hospital rang me again and issued a prescription for 6 weeks supply. They will continue treatment via phone calls with me visiting the GP once a month for blood tests.

I would suggest contacting the dermatologist who has recommended the treatment or the person who ordered the blood test (I presume they will be the one treating you) and chase it up. There is no reason for the virus situation to stop you starting treatment. It sounds to me like they've just forgotten about you.

cartel187 in reply to Hidden

Hi there, I am 39 and hoping to start this treatment in a few weeks. I am worried about the side effects mainly depression and anxiety as I have had mild symptoms of this previously and with 2 small children i want to ensure i will be able to function daily!! Did you experience any of these side effects at all? And is your treatment working for you now? Thanks

Hello, I'm going to the doctor to enquire about roaccutane. One option I did try previously which had some effect was a topical treatment twice a day called Zineryt. You need a prescription for it but I think you should be able to get it easily via a doctor online or phone appointment. I also used Hibiscrub wash on the affected area on my face twice a day as part of the treatment. Only side effect of this treatment combo is it dries your skin like most acne treatments but as long as you use a non comedegenic moisturiser you should be ok. Might be worth a try if no luck with a timely dermatologist appointment.

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