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Adderall dangerous?

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I wonder how many (if any) have experienced anger or addiction with Adderall? My 9yr old son is just starting with it so very curious/concerned.

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From the article "It's important to emphasize that Musk is neither a doctor nor a scientist, so he is not an expert on health issues."

Yes Adderall can be abused. Almost any Rx can be, stimulant or not. Keep it locked up and only give the prescribed amount and you will keep your child safe. Monitor side effects and if you feel your child is angrier than usual you can talk to their doctor about trying different medication.

I understand the concern; we're just starting meds for my child too. Put your trust in your child's doctor and take anything said on the internet (that isn't peer reviewed) with a whole mine of salt.

For questions about Adderall, I would start with your pediatrician and, better yet, a psychiatrist. Medication is complex chemistry and professionals will have the most accurate information. Adderall has been in use for a long time and there’s actually quite a lot of data on how kids respond to it. You can also go to reputable websites like NAMI, the NIH or the Mayo Clinic. ADDitude magazine is also a good resource. The thing about Adderall is that people who are taking it recreationally or as a study aid experience it differently than people who take it for ADHD under a doctor’s care. I think this is what Musk (not a doctor, not a scientist) is talking about. Anyhow, my kid is on Adderall and it actually makes her calmer, because it treats the extreme emotional ups and downs that come with ADHD. But, again, that’s anecdotal - and different kids have different experiences. To get big picture analysis, talk to your doctor.

It's just some guys opinion. I'd much rather give my son adderall than psychedelics. Adderall is great for its intended use.

Every kid reacts differently to meds and like yours Adderall did not work for my son. He displayed impulsive risky behaviors so we had to stop it. Anger and agitation is a sign the meds probably aren’t the right one. Call your dr immediately to discuss. There are so many options out there to try so don’t give up and keep a record of symptoms as you try new ones.

My son has been taking adderall for ADHD almost every day for 2.5 years now and it has been an absolute life saver in our family. No addiction to it, if he misses a day, his adhd is much harder to handle, but it’s not symptoms of addiction. It also helps a lot to manage anger/outbursts. Just like anything else, it can be abused by those whom it is not intended for. I will say when we first started it the afternoons were hard bc his body was getting used to it so coming off of it was difficult, but he’s now on a small afternoon dose as well to to make the afternoons better.

Talk to your doctor about it 😊

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