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Hardy Nutrionals supplement

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I read in many posts on this forum about the success people have had using this supplement in terms of focus, mood stability, and mental clarity.

The company claims that many of their clients have stopped using medication after starting this supplement.

Unfortunately, my son only used it for a few days but cannot handle the taste of the pills. We may try the powder… in the meantime, if anyone wants to buy our bottle, it’s only missing a few days worth of pills (360 total). I’ll sell it for less than half of what I paid…

I’d hate to throw it away.

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I wonder if it really helps

I read lots of testimonials off this site about it

Hi there. I have found good success for my son with the traditional "3 legged" stool management of ADHD with medications, lifestyle modifications and reasonable accommodations (a 504 plan) at school. I would never advocate for using vitamins instead of traditional treatments before exhausting all that medicine has to offer first. You have probably found that absent testimonials or anecdotal "proof," unlike with medications, there is very little peer reviewed literature available on the use of vitamins to treat ADHD in children. However, I recently read (and reviewed in a post) an article describing one of the few studies done on Hardy Nutritionals. I have pasted my review below (which I do with hesitation lest it be interpreted as advocating for non-medical treatment, which it is NOT). While it debatable how much vitamins help, it is clear they cause no harm. The review is below:

"I purchased and read the newly published article on micronutrients in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Here's a summary.

First, this study did NOT compare treatment of ADHD with medications to treatment with micronutrients. It compared treatment with micronutrients to NO TREATMENT at all for ADHD. So the results should NOT be interpreted as advocating terminating treatment with medications in favor of treatment with vitamins. With that caveat, the study included some favorable results for the advocates of micronutrients (particularly, Hardy, which were used in the study).

Here's the good news:

1. micronutrients did no harm (there were no side effects)

2. the children taking micronutrients (vs. placebo) grew, on average, 6mm more than the children with no treatment during the study (so our Moms were right that vitamins help us grow).

Here's the not so good news:

1. parents overwhelmingly noted NO difference in ADHD symptoms with micronutrients (but DID note an appreciable improvement in the subcategory, "Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder" defined loosely as "irritability")

2. the "Clinical Global Impression" (objective medical provider observation) did find an improvement in ADHD symptoms with micronutrients vs. NO TREATMENT AT ALL.

So, for those children who have failed to receive relief despite exhausting all traditional treatment options (medication), micronutrients do seem to offer benefit (and cause no harm) over no treatment at all."

I believe Hardy will let you return the unused pills. You should contact them to check. FYI, True Hope has a version like flavored water. You empty the packet in water and you’re good to go.

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QueenTee123 in reply to Cjkchamp

While it would be nice for consumers to get a refund, I hope those places wouldn't accept an open bottle. If they do, that would be a huge flag for me in terms of product integrity and safety.

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Erezeitan2 in reply to Cjkchamp

They won’t take them back. I tried. I wish they would sell samples but no such luck. I’m stuck with over 300 pills.

While I know you mean well, the idea that someone would purchase on open bottle of pills from a stranger in an internet group amd give them to their children is very troubling. Hopefully you can bring yourself to throw them away.

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Erezeitan2 in reply to ADHD_DAD

Yes, you’re absolutely right. I hadn’t thought about it until after I posted. My intentions were good, but we live in a crazy world. I threw my bottle away, but these supplements are worth a try…

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