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Optimizing Physical Growth

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Now that we're on a long acting med, we are observing some decrease in appetite during the day with our 5 year old. His weight seems steady, but he is already in the 25% for weight, and I want to ensure it doesn't drop.

Things we're doing: high protein/large breakfast, offering snacks, protein shakes, bedtime snack, calories in beverages, etc.

Has anyone found anything else to help increase appetite, or otherwise optimize their child's growth?

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This sounds very much like what we did, and while it took some months of work, everything did even out. It's not easy, getting those calories into a child who may be distracted at meal and snacktimes and who doesn't seem as hungry. It seems you're really working hard for your child, and I hope you see results.

Thanks for the vote of support, MomOfSuperheroes!

For us that was just the beginning phase.. our son is almost 6 feet and can put away 8+ pieces of pizza and in 1 hour be hungry. I hope you son grows out of it. We have no diet restrictions other than "reasonable" portions of unnecessary food. If you asked our son he would included ice cream in the necessary group. We are also luck he loves smoothies so we pack on the calories there with whole fat yogurt.

Good luck

I sure hope we end up putting away 8 pieces of pizza! My husband is very tall, and I am hoping our son follows this trend, as well. I try to offer anything I think will be consumed (provided we're eating healthy meals, too.) I may give smoothies a try! Thanks for the suggesiton.

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