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Excessive skin biting

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My son who is just turning 5 yo excessively bites the skin surrounding his nails (both toenails and fingernails). Any tips on how to help stop this behavior?

Thank you!

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My 10 year old picks at the skin around his finger nails. I try to distract with a fidget toy or soft blanket....anything to keep his hand busy. I have read about wearable “biting” jewelry for kids. Basically a necklace with a bite toy on end. Might be something to look into.

Thanks for posting your message. I recently learned that there is a condtion called Dermatillomania. It can be due to impulse control.

I agree trying to try to distract him.

Is he taking medication to help with impulse control?

Our son is 14 years and he is very very sensitive to any bump, lump mark , etc and pays attention to it.

We try to keep his nails trimmed to help prevent him from ripping them.

Hope this helps.

I’ve bought my daughter some prickly rings from Amazon that she rolls up and down her fingers instead of biting her nails (she likes the sensation!) She really wants long glamorous nails so these help her! They are called finger puncture massage rings or acupuncture rings. Hope that helps.

I have the same issue with my 6 yo. I’m not sure what to do either. Sorry I can’t offer more than solidarity.

following as well.

I have the same issue with my son. He’s now 10. I’ve tried the “chewelry” with no success. I’ve tried straws. I’ve tried the bad tasting clear polish on nail. Fidget toys. I’ve tried it all. He will occasionally switch to pulling ANY string on his socks & underwear until he has completely unraveled them into one big ball of string. And then he hides it behind his bed. My next move is to take him to a counselor for his anxiety hoping this will help with this impulse control tick. He’s been on medication since he was 5, and does it even when his medication has kicked in, so it’s more than the impulse control, and sensory issue.

Another here to offer solidarity. I am going to try the rings mentioned above. I do try distraction but he hides his finders/or toes and keeps on doing it.

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