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Natural supplement instead of meds?


Hi- new here so apologies if this has been a topic previously. I have twins who both have ADHD, one severe (along with a host of learning disabilities) & on meds for ages, and one mild, diagnosed within the past 6 months. They are both on Vyvance and it's been successfil, but the one with mild ADHD absolutely hates it because he doesn't feel like himself and has zero appetite. He is much happier on the weekends when he is on a 'break' and we recently had him stop taking it daily and he is back to his 'old self'...but his grades are slipping again. The pediatrician offered other meds but cautioned that we would likely experience similar issues. Has anyone successfully used natural alternatives? Interested in exploring options.

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Hi msc0122,

I just noticed you had no replies. I haven't tried supplements yet with my 13 yr old son. But I might try fish oil capsules since I've heard that the Omega3 can help with ADHD.

The post at this link

is about supplements also. I replied there with a lot of links to other related posts on this site. Not sure what else you found. Hopefully this could be of some help. All the best!

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