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HELP supplements to calm behaviours that are explosive for ADHD


Hey everyone my daughters 8 and hasn't been diagnosed as yet but has got a triple x diagnosis which can have a com morbid ASD or ADHD my daughters very explosive and its getting worse I am desperate to find any natural ways to help i.e. natural herbal remedies please help with suggestions p.s. nothing as in diet changes please just supplements you can buy that have helped x and thank you x

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Thank-you for reaching out to the group. Are you getting help from Behavior Specialist who can help make a plan to help you with how to deal with their behavior? Are you able to determine what is starting them exploding ? Usually it is because they (all kids with ADHD) are doing something that they are focused on and have to change or stop. You can try, giving them prompts 3,2,1 times up).

Usually it takes a combination of behavior intervention, therapy and medical/supplement (if this is what you choose) to help control the situation.

I hope you are getting the proper help. We are here to support you through this process.

Hi Amanda,

I have been doing some research on supplements and I can name a few for you to look into and research like I’ve been told it might work for some kids or not. Calm keeper, CALM, cbd oil (still trying to find a reputable distributor). Vyarin- This is a medical food but you need to get a prescription and you have to pay out-of-pocket for it if you go this route use good RX or blink health to get a discount. Hope this helps.

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