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Should I be worried about Zoloft/Sertraline long-term effects?


My son is 14 and has been on Zoloft/Sertraline for four years now. His Psychologist says keep going but I keep having concerns about stunted growth or how this is/will affect his mental growth in the long term. His blood sugar is also hovering at a 6 A1C. Of course I hope at some point he can thrive without it. Please share any thoughts and ideas. Thank you!

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Does it appear that his growth has slowed or stopped? I haven’t heard of that but I haven’t really researched it either.

Does it make him eat crave sugar? Is that why you mentioned the A1C

Maybe ask his medical doctor about all of that as opposed to the psychologist?

My 13 year old son has been taking Sertraline for about two years now. I don't see any effects of his height or weight and blood sugar has been fine. If you have concerns about keeping him on it, can you ask the the doctor to lower his dose to see how he does? That's where I would start.

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