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My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3. He is possibly the most active child I have ever encountered. It is actually what most people love about him although quite exhausting for me. He has taken Vyvanse for the past year. He has minimal issues in school. Most recently, I have noticed a significant increase in his defiant behaviors mostly when the medication wears off. I actually changed his medication a year ago because he was too emotional in the evenings. Currently, he gets explosive when he doesn’t get what he wants. This includes yelling, crying, slamming doors. Each time I try model appropriate behavior and we talk about alternatives when he has calmed down. None of this seems to help. Most of the behavior seems to be directed at me when I give consequences. We have gone through CBT in the past and I am considering therapy again. Has anyone experienced this behavior change? If so what alternatives helped?

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We had similar issue coming off Ritalin. Crazy anger, rage , violence. Mine is 11. We are now on vvyanse and added Seroquel to help with the rage. It really has helped. Its not perfect, but the crazy meltdowns are all but gone. So, i don't know if the meth causes the anger and a counter drug will always be needed or if anger is part of the package. We were ready to ship her off, was that bad. Good luck. Talk to your psychiatrist about the anger

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