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Child w/ ADHD started throwing up at school


Hi everyone! My son, for the past two school days, goes to the nurses office with vomiting. He is absolutely fine in the mornings, evenings and weekends. We have been struggling with him getting in trouble in school due to impulse control issues and use of bad language... and now we are faced with this. School makes it mandatory to pick him up and they are not seeing this as a symptom of ADHD yet... however we both work full time and are struggling with taking time off to the point that we fear for our jobs. Did anyone encounter this? Any suggestions on what might work to help him? Thank you.

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YES! Our son was diagnosised with CVS (Chronic Vomitting Syndome) almost 2 years ago. We have been going through a number of tests to see what is wrong and we have ruled out all of the upper GI and now we are looking at the lower GI. Here is what happens, he gets a very bad headaces, stomach cramps, then Vomitting and diaharea. Sometimes this can last 5-6 days.

Does you son get bad headaces? Does your son eat spicy or fatty good?

I will answers more once you answers more.

YES, you are not alone.

Thanks for you reply! He doesn't have headaches and he barely eats... His diet is pasta, pretzels, pre-packaged muffins, and occasionally chiken nuggets or a hotdog. We think his vomiting is not a physical condition but a psychological one... He is battling anxiety and after a couple of bad weeks at school where he was getting into trouble a lot he might be anxious not to get into trouble again and that causes him to throw up.

Just curious.. Is it only when he get in trouble? Of course you would want to make sure there is not an under lying medical issue. We use Zofram as needed is disolves in the mouth.

With my son it was random. Out is in a cycle 5 days nothing then Vomitting. Please research CVS and see if it fits your son. I would eliminare anythinh spicy and think about changing anythinh deep Friend so change to a hamburger instead OF chicken nuggets just to see if this makes a difference.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

So hard ti know what it could be...

It sounds like Stress. Lots of it.

Or it could be bullying OR it could be a consequence of bullying like someone putting something on his food or drink "as a joke". I would check if it happens if you take the food to him during lunch and have him eating it in front of you.

Does he gets bullied during lunch hour? My son does because the monitors are not constantly there...

Poor child...

In any case, if that school has become so toxic for him to make his body feels under a poison attack, I would look into changing schools...

Still, that anxiety NEEDS THERAPHY and he needs lots of love and support at home to compensate whatever bad label he's gotten at school...

I know becuase my son changed 3 different schools (elem. To middle and stopped a day care program) we have changed his diet and of course therapy. That it is a medical issue just what kind not sure ( he throws up during summer and vacations).

Please make sure that he does not have any medical issues. We are now looking are lower GI. But not allowing him to eat fried food or spicy has decreased it a lot.

Hope this helps. I would hate for you to think is was stress and it was a GI issue.

My daughter went through this. She's still a stressed person. But at least she doesn't throw up anymore. Used to drive me crazy because the doctors could find nothing wrong with her. If she got herself upset enough everything came back up.

This was many years ago and they didn't know as much about anxiety as they do now.

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