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Medication during playtime/playdates?

My six year old daughter is really struggling with playdates/making friends, but doesn't even realize it. It seems like she either 1. is playing alone and doesn't want to engage/has a bit of social anxiety (if she is medicated) or 2. overwhelms and turns off other children (when she isn't medicated).

I am not sure what is better? Any thoughts?

I have been searching the internet for a social skills group or a play group with kids with ADHD, but I can't seem to find one to help her learn some social cue a bit better.

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If you have a local hospital or psychological association nearby, or your pediatric group, you can make inquires into group play sessions with kids with ADHD. You can also ask the Special Education Department at the school district that deals with children with Special Needs and inquire if there are any play groups.


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