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Hi all! I’m new to the group - just looking to connect with others navigating life with the struggles of 12 year old son, who has been great on his meds for the most part for 4 yrs has now started to become increasingly more difficult. His sleep patterns are aweful which I beleive is contributing but also thing his meds may not be best fit anymore...I’m sure the puberty thing isn’t helping either lol hope we are able to learn from each other and gain some insights on best ways to deal with angry and out right defiant behaviors....

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Welcome to the group!

This is a long journey and brace yourself for the roller coaster of ADHD and everything else that comes attached to it (ODD, OCD, etc). We never know what’s ahead.

Puberty is clearly affecting his behavior right now. Talk to your psychiatrist and see what changes he recommends. Join CHADD webinars. You always learn something new that can help you.

We constantly use reverse psychology with our 11 year old daughter and always give her 2 options for her defiant and obstinate behavior. Some days are great, some ok, some a nightmare... But she is, by far, the greatest gift God has given us.

Patience is a virtue and I’m not that lucky Lol. Hang in there

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My thirteen-year-old grandson's medicine suddenly stopped working when he got to Middle School. It's been trial and error for a year-and-a-half now. We currently have him on intuniv and Wellbutrin he's back to a halfway decent kid at this time. He still struggles in school but is passing his classes.

He can get nasty at times when he gets upset but always regrets it later. A lot of that is teen mixed in with the ADHD

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