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Questioning our doctor


So my son had his ADD eval last Saturday. The doctor looked over the sheets my husband and i and his teachers filled out, he asked me questions for probably 45 minutes, then he asked my son "what his favorite subject in school is" then he says he believes he has ADD and names off a few prescriptions for ME to choose from... I don't believe I am qualified to just pick one so I told him I would like a list so I can research. I asked him if there are any vitamins or supplements to try before stimulants. He said none that he believes are effective. So I'm just wondering, is it appropriate for him to come to a diagnoses with barely interacting with my son at all?

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The diagnosis is based on reports from several sources (which I assume are the sheets the doctor looked at). Behavior in the doctor's office is not always the best indicator since a child may be hesitant to show typical behavior for a variety of reasons (such as afraid of shots). Sometimes asking the child may provide information. However, their report is not always accurate (example - teen agers are notorious for downplaying any ADHD, or any other, problems). You should consider reading about ADHD (such as Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD and info at the National Resource Center on ADHD at and considering your options. You can try vitamins and supplements, although the reports about their value are mixed (some people like Vayarin which is an omega fatty acid supplement). Most important - make sure you understand what ADHD is and what interventions can help (medication improve attention but don't make you learn or behave).


Remember just because you try meds doesn't mean you can't stop. I have one son where meds work great with his ADHD and another son who has ADD and the meds did not help so we stopped.

Yes they make a diagnose off the report some doctors really push meds. There are other things you can try first some doctors don't beileve anything but meds work though I know some people do take supplement and change there diet and say it helps there are people who say coffee works as a stimulant with out the side effects I have given my daughter coffee before and it did seem to help but I haven't done it on a regular basis to see how it works long term remember it is your choice weather to put your child on meds or not ,not the doctors or your child's school if you choose to try other options first that is your choice to make not the doctors or anyone else's. I don't know how old your son is but there is behavior therapy to that some people say helps others say doesn't

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