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Hi my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 8 for a long time I was in denial and I thought structure and and discipline with work and I was very wrong the doctor prescribed Vyvanse which has worked for 3 years she's 11 now and I am struggling so bad she is so defiant at school she's disrespectful to her teachers she went from honor roll student to barely making it when the medication wears off she's all over the place I cry a lot I feel alone I'm at my wit's end her father not being in her life has always been the biggest struggle for her and I think to adds to or ADHD and makes her anxiety worse as far as punishment or Consequences does anybody have any suggestions or things that might work I have taken away her TV or phone I have added extra chores to her what she does I haven't been able to take my daughter shopping for new clothes and 3 and 1/2 months and she's so badly needs them I have tried to keep her busy with basketball and after-school activities so her mind stays to me later and she can't really focus on the boredom and one she focuses on that boredom then it escalates thank you for listening

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I have many of the same feelings. I started using the nurtured heart approach and I’m going to recommend you look into it.


Structure and discipline are always an important part of parenting, so don't give up on those things. The hard part about ADHD is that telling a kid to focus doesn't mean that they are instantly going to focus. Even after all these years I keep making this mistake (and did it this morning with my youngest). The things which will motivate our kids to complete tasks are going to change over the weeks and the years, which means we have to continually work to find motivators. In terms of the medication wearing off, you can talk to the doctor about prescribing a short acting medication in the afternoon in addition to the vyvanse which will give your daughter the boost she needs to get through the rest of the day. For example, two of my boys take vyvanse and also have an afternoon dose of adderol (5mg) between 3 and 4 to help their focus and mood for the remainder of the day. It makes a difference! Good luck.


It appears that you need some help. Find a good therapist/counselor with whom you can work. See if there are other issues in addition to ADHD that need to be addressed by therapy or medication. Determine with her doctor if her present ADHD medication is sufficient.


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