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Anyone using Adderall?

My son (now 8) was diagnosed and started on short acting adderall. Went to his wellness checkup, we have had some problems in school lately, inattentiveness, anger issues, defiance, etc. The Dr. increased his dose to 20mg. (From 15mg) as he has grown and weight increased. If this does not work, we may move to another medication. Any one's kiddo using Adderall?

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My son uses Adderall XR. This works for him. He was on Vyvannse and that caused major irritability and anger during the come down. Each kid is different. I would make sure you go to a Dr who specializes in ADD and not just a pediatrician. There are so many comorbid things with ADD and you need specialized medical. (ODD, bi polar etc)

You will know when you hit the right medicine

Good luck!!


My son has been taking Adderall for 3 weeks. He was extremely irritable and defiant. Every little thing would make him angry. He was avoiding other kids because he said everybody make him mad. I also noticed decreased energy level and some emotional issues. It changed his personality. We stopped this medication and now he is taking Focalin. It’s only a few days and I already see a huge difference.

Good luck to you


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