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ADHD/ADD and executive functions

My child is 15 and a sophomore in HS. Her lack of executive functioning is a huge issue. There is a 504 in place and we met mid year this year to update the 504. The teachers comments were constructive. When she turns in work it is awesome..she is extremely intelligent.. drop In grades.. wait for it.. missing assignments.. especially those large projects. She is extremely defensive and angry when I even broach the subject of homework. How do you even test for executive functions and how do you help these kids when they always don’t want your help?

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One accommodation we have that helped was a supervised study hall during the school day. My daughter can get some homework done then with another person as the monitor. Not enough though so I am following.


I can relate. If I even open my mouth to start asking a question my son will say “ are you gonna ask me about homework again?” I tried an ADHD coach with my son last year. I found that he didn’t want to discuss it with me but would work with someone else. She would teach him techniques on how to plan ahead for larger projects (break the work into chunks with specific deadlines), use flash cards, organization skills, time management, etc.

I believe on the CHADD website there is a resource page where you can search for coaches in your area.

Good luck.

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In order for kids to want help, they have to perceive there is a problem they want to solve...which usually doesn't happen until they experience natural consequences that then make them motivated to want to change. Here is a link to an article on my website that discusses this in more detail titled, "what to do if your teen stops trying."

Joyce Mabe,

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MY 13 year old grandson also works better one on one with teachers. They have tutorials before or after school that he does well at.


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