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Is 4 too young to medicate?

My 4-year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. My pediatrician does not feel comfortable medicating a child so young and I'm having a hard time find a local psychiatrist that will. His neuro-psyh. evaluation determined he would be a good candidate for medication. Curious if others have faced this challenge and how they handled it.

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Our son was 2 when the problems first started in daycare. The 1st psychologist said it could be ADHD was he was nearly 4, but that it was also too early to confirm. We waited through Pre-K (with issues mounting towards year end) then finally saw another psychologist 3 weeks into his K year. He started medication September 2013. He's 10 now and I can say things are better, but when I mean better I do not mean that he's more like a non-ADHD child...it's just that he's better now for a child with ADHD. Keeping his schedule on a routine and keeping discipline consistent has played a major part in his behavioral management. He is an A+ student, but could never have done it without medication. He just didn't posses the will to remain seated and focused on the work. The K teacher told us "He definitely knows the work, he is very bright - he just needs to focus so he can complete it on his own and he may need the medicine to help him do it, otherwise he'll be held back in K." It was sooo hard to cave in to that suggestion, but we did. He was top 1st grader, then top 3rd grader. He's in 4th now and we still have struggles, but I think he realizes without a doubt that we have his back.

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