Adhd and me

I'm new here, but need some advice. I have a 10 year old son who was diagnosed with adhd in kindergarten. Been on and off medication since then. Here lately, while not on medication, we have been dealing with so much aggression frustration and melt downs. He is not currently on medication, but we plan on trying to go back on. He has been suspended 3 times in the last month for impulsive behavior, and now kicked out of the after school program for destroying property. His dad lives 5 hours away and we have very little interaction and he isn't for medication. I'm also a full time working mom and remarried since he was four. I keep getting told I should send him to his dad's since he still has all these issues still going on since he was 5. Seeking advice...


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4 Replies

  • Put a request for an assessment in writing to school psychologist, if there is one and principal. It sounds like your son needs behavioral supports through an IEP. With a diagnosis of ADHD, he is at a minimum protected under Section 504.

  • He is exhibiting classic ADHD behaviors. You cannot expect him to behave otherwise without the assistance of medication. Certainly it's not too late to get change in his behavior. A danger in delay is that kids experience learned behavior and that is difficult to break once it is rooted, but your choice is clear. Also the longer he continues without meds, the more his education will be lacking. I personally believe it is an educated choice to allow your child the meds he needs to meet the requirements expected.

  • MY 11 year old grandson got suspended once a week two years ago when his meds were not working. He still has trouble with anger at home but holds it together at school. He is on Straterra for ADHD but he has to have Risperdone to control the anger.

    HE had a 504 and then an IEP but if they are punching walls at the school or throwing things those do not help much.

  • Medication works. Put him back on it and you should see results. If his Dad wouldn’t keep him on medication, living with his dad may do more harm then good. Good luck.

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