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New to the site

Hi there,

I’m new to the site. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3...at the age of 6 we tried Vyarin (it really didn’t do much of anything IMO) last year we decided to begin medication. It has been a long year and I’m trying to be patient, but it feels like we are on the wrong path. He takes 15mg of Adderall in the morning and 2mg of Intuniv in the evening. The Adderall wears off at approximately 3PM each day and he is an emotional wreck. The Intuniv is meant to help with sleep but my son wakes up multiple times throughout the night. His doctor is very nice and s a specialist in this area, but he is very reluctant to make any changes. I’m starting to wonder if it’s an insurance issue. Anyhow, my biggest concern is the emotional effect I see this having on my son. He truly believes he can not do anything right despite my constant reassurance and cheerleading. I know I get frustrated at times and can be short with him, but I do my best to be calm and show him I am his #1 fan. I think it would be great for him to have a friend or friends that also have ADHD and who face the same challenges, but don’t know anyone in our area (Peoria, AZ). If there are any families out there that deal with the same challenges and are in our area, please reach out...we’d love to meet you.

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Hi, we are in Glendale AZ. My son will be 7 next week and we have very similar stories. It would be great to talk and compare notes and maybe get our kids together. My email address is bridgeteagy@yahoo.com


HI there,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond...the holidays were particularly busy this year. I’ll shoot you an email in a little bit and we can chat!


I m not in Az .

But yeah after i started medication same my son behaves most of times shy in famous gatherings .

and during study time under pressure or like he cannot do especially doing maths , me too keep cheering him and hides my anger strongly (sometimes i lose but patience) and tell him dn worryy feel strong you can do it.😒


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