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To seek a 2nd opinion or not

So my son was dx with adhd and on focalin xr and had an amazing week at school. He has definite opp defiant behavior too which isn’t great at home yet. Do I stick with my current psychiatrist who is amazing tho not a great rapport with son. Or do I go for a 2nd opinion with a psychiatrist who is hard to get an appt with. Do I leave well enough alone? The 2nd psych is meeting with us on one visit and then my son and then all three so it’s a lot of $ and time tx for all ur help!!

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Most psychiatrists don't do anything except medication. It's a rare psychiatrist that's going to spend a lot of time talking with the kid. You need a psychologist for that kind of thing. If he's doing great on the meds he is on I wouldn't change


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