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My daughter just got adhd diagnosis

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Hi!! I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tina I have two daughters (12/20/12,& 10/29/16) my oldest was just diagnosed with ADHD through Boston Children's Hospital. I had already been doing some research, learning about behavior modification and diets but I'm still lost and looking for help. The hospital suggested a parents group, but it is over an hour away.. I'm hoping to find something more in my area.. any help, advice. Etc is appreciated

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In my opinion, behavior modification and skill building are the first priority. It's important to have standards and expectations, but base them on what she's capable of now, not on what a typical child her age is capable of. Also, don't look at her best moments and expect her to act like that all the time. Behaving takes effort for kids with ADHD, almost like the effort involved in running and lifting. Make sure you are offering praise and rewards for getting things right as well as criticism and punishment. If it seems like she's never getting praise, your expectations of her may be too high.

ADHD kids are delayed in something called executive function, that is, the ability to control themselves. (Definitely read up on executive function!) So, even though your daughter is almost 5, her self-control might only be at the level of a typical three-year-old. The good news is, delay is not stasis. Her executive function will continue to develop, and while she might always have some struggles, with support, she can do anything she wants.

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