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Would you use Meditation therapy for your ADHD child?

hello, I'm a mother of a 9 yo who has been diagnosed with ADHD since age 6. I also happen to be in the business school where I'm working with ADHD parents to create a center for alternative treatments of ADHD. I would love to hear opinions of parents with ADHD kids if you would be willing to try meditation, have you been offered meditation therapy by your doctor or may be you already have some experience? please comment , any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I absolutely would try meditation therapy. My dream is to incorporate yoga and mindfulness games in our daily routine at home but I have a hard time getting my son to cooperate. If another adult was guiding him other than his parent I think he would be more willing to try. I wish there was a program like yours where we live.


I would love to try meditation for adhd! I have done paced breathing with my son just 2 min and it helps him focus and me calm down when reading together. Have you heard of neurocore? Its an all natural therapy where the brain is retrained. It would be cool if you could use that along witb other therapies! Good luck your center sounds amazing!

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