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Daughter with Adhd

My 7 year old has always had challenges since she was an infant. She wouldn't sleep enough, difficulties with language, shoveling food in her mouth and other things as well. She is going into the 2nd grade and I am just nervous that she will fall behind.

What I hoping to gain from this group is someone to talk to about my parenting challenges and insight.

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My son is also 7 and I am also worried about him going into year 3 (we r in the UK).


Do they have an iep or 504 program in the UK?




My 8 year old daughter is going into the 3rd grade. She doesn't sleep, shoveling food is an understatement for what she does, and I have already stocked up on wine to help me cope with her homework and tests prep. I feel you pain! This will be our first year in school without medication and she and I are both terrified. I have been reading books, looking for a tutor, and just recently joined a webinar from this site that I pray helps us with homework techniques.

I'm not sure yet how the year will go but it will begin with optimism and love. We've all taken the first step by signing up for this site. ADHD does not have to be lonely. We're in this together

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