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adenomyosis sufferer

suffering today feeling like i'm going threw labour all over again adenomyosis is awful, i have a 3 procedure operation on 30th may, laparoscopy, histeroscopy polypectomy, has anybody els had this? x #adenomyosis

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I just wanted to say good luck with your procedure


I had a hysterectomy in the end due to adenomyosis and endometriosis so I know the pain you are in, for me it was the dragging of adenomyosis and my thighs hurt sooo much!

I have had all of the above 3 surgeries too in the past and it's really important to not worry ( as much as possible) and look after yourself, eat well and let yourself heal. It will help long term for the future to not push yourself too soon .

Hang in there and wishing you a positive recovery from surgery xx

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