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how to treat adenomyosis naturally ?

Will Acupuncture helpful for treating adenomyosis ? Or any other Adenomyosis treatment optins for treating adenomyosis naturally without surgery ? thanks !

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Hi there,

I know everyone is different but I tried a course of acupuncture for back pain...the acupuncturist forewarned me that her feedback from ladies that suffered lots of women's gynae issues was that some reported it made things worse and so they stopped. I note with the acupuncture for around 3 months, each period became worse with a longer cycle feeling, earlier pmt feelings, increased hunger and pain and heavier bleeding etc. By the third one I was no longer interested in whether it was helping my back pain! I suffered from Adenomyosis and Endometriosis and I'm now post Hysterectomy. My acupuncture attempt was approx 1i months to 2 years ago.

I was glad the Therapist told me otherwise I would have maybe kept on at it. I still had bad periods after stopping but not as long suffering and drawn out on the acupuncture.

Sorry it's not a positive story. Maybe if you try it you will have a different result.

Best wishes