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Xeralto advice


Hi guys, anyone on 10 mg xarelto? My hematologist said after 3months of treatment with 20 mg for my PE's/DVT she may change me to 10 mg once daily as a preventative indefinitely..

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I am also on 10 m xarelto since march 2020

I thought i could stop it but they havent given me signs of when.

Had 2 dvts one march 2019 and nextaugust 2019

Were your clots provoked? Any issues switching to 10 mg? It's all so nerve racking!

I changed to 10 mg indefinitely as a preventative after 6 months of 20mg following PE in March 2019.

Brookiebiceps in reply to Anon02

Anon, how are u doing on the 10 mg? Any issues?


I was on 20mg for dvts in legs for the second time and after the 6 months they put me on 10mg indefinitely then I re clotted after a few weeks so now on 20mg for life ..everyone is different go with what's right for you

Brookiebiceps in reply to Peapob

Peapob do you have clotting disorder? How are you doing on the 20mg?

Bloodredroses in reply to Peapob

My haematologist said if P E ( unexplained clot 20 mg is standard but they base the decision to reduce is based on your levels in blood tests , not something that should be decided oneself . The clothing levels change . My specialist said as it’s a whole year of Covid , so I stayed on 20 mg that she would want to see 2 6 monthly blood tests levels before reducing to 10. It’s a balance and a risk that I follow the experts advise . I do not want a clot in peak or off peak Covid time .

They left me on xarelto 20mg once a day after I had completed my initial 6 months treatment after I had blood clots back in 2017.

Your still on it?

Yes I'm still on it and I feel safe with it like it's a comfort blanket.

Thank you for responding. I think I msg you. Do you have side effects? Did you have PE or DVT and are you on it indefinitely?

The decision to reduce the dose comes from a dtudy- Einstein Choice- which gives the clinician a choice. Fir example, if someone had an out of the blue massive PE, one would probably stay on 20mg - unless high bleeding risk. It’s a balance.

If someone just keeps on getting little clots then after full dose of 20mg for a period of time it is reasonable to

Give a smaller dose of an anticoagulation.

You might get another clot you might not, but it is all a balancing risk

Thank u.. it's the fear of the u known I guess.. most of us don't wanna be on them but get nervous when we are told to stop. I have only been on xeralto for a month so I have a ways to go.. how are u doing?

Hi yes I was also changed after 3 months. It’s because 20mg might be too much . I was anxious at first thinking that I might end up with more dvt .

Sing my song.. did u have PE's? How long have you been on xeralto.. any side effects? X

I had a year on 20 but switched to 10, my choice.no problems. Twice daily of course.

So you take 10mg twice a day?

Oops. Memory playing tricks. That's probably a side effect. I had extensive bruising and was as switched to apixaban. I take 2 5mg twice a day

Hi again , In March , I was scheduled to go onto 10 mg Xarelto from 20 mg , however she said the very best plan for the year was to stay on the 20 mg during the risk of Covid due to its blood clotting propensity. She is a Professor of Haematology ( blood ) Also my Lipid CHOLESTERAL Specialist said the same. Re my 5 mg statins and 20 mg Xarelto . Both are Professors so I have followed their advise . Suggest best for you too . The reductions of blood thinners depends on the results of the blood tests ( in my case 6 monthly )

6 blood test monthly?? What test?

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